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Welcome! Ed Bowers here (but you can call me Ed).

I’m the creator of and most know for being host of The Sports Career Podcast where I interviewed over 300+  Sports Industry Professionals.

If you are struggling or tired of figuring out how to pursue a career in the sports industry, then your are in the right place!

My Mission is to help 1000 start and pursue a career in the sports industry, that excites them! & The Sports Career Podcast is here to support your sports Career Development. 

As I mentioned above I have had the privilege to interviewed over 300 incredible Sports Industry Professionals including Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, John Amaechi OBE, Amy Williamson MBE, Frank Dick OBE, Jackie Fast, Joe De Sena, Ebru Koksal, Dave Alred & many more.

However, before the Sports Career Podcast my journey was full of struggle and figuring out how to get my foot in the sports industry.

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My Journey

The day I graduated from Durham University: I can say that my graduation photo is my proudest academic achievement.

Despite being told as a child at the age of 10, that I wouldn't get into university because I was NOT smart enough!​ Anything is achievable in life, and graduating from one of the top Universities in the United Kingdom, Durham University with a 2.1 in Sports Exercise & Physical Activity was like climbing a mountain.​ After defeating one mountain of achievement.

My next 'Everest' was how I was going to apply my Sports Science Degree into the real world, especially in the Sports Industry.

After I graduated from Durham University The REAL world had hit me in the face. I wanted the PERFECT start in life: 1.The Sports Career Job 2.Driving Licence 3.Rent a Flat 4. Discover the Women of my Dreams During that time I was sending my CV to every job careers websites.

Which eventually, I got a lot of interests from a number of recruitment agencies in different industries but NOT in the sports industry.​

Reflecting now, it was a bad stage of my life, a year I will NOT experience again.

During that time, I learned a lot about myself, especially how 'tough times' makes you mentally stronger in life.​ Until one day.

I went on my LinkedIn account and contacted an old colleague called Ollie, who I worked with during one of my summer internships. 

I sent him a message, to ask for some work experience. The next day, whilst drowning my sorrows in a London pub with some friends, I received a phone call from Ollie about an opportunity with a London Sports Agency, Benchmark International,I grabbed the chance and said YES!

It was my foot in the door 'one phone call' really a lot of luck and faith!

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Discovering My Sports Career Purpose...

After working with Benchmark International with Ollie, I learned a lot about the sports industry.​

During that time, there was a bigger challenge in my mind. About how other university sports students or keen people who want to pursue a career in sports can receive the same opportunity I had, but with the support of real authentic sports career guidance during the process.​

What I was learning during my internships was all instinct, with NO sports career guidance.

That was the day I discovered my SPORTS CAREER PURPOSE in the sports industry:

"My Sports Career Purpose is to Educate People about the Sports Industry with Sports Career Education, to help people start and pursue a successful career in the sports industry."

When I discovered my Career Purpose in the sports industry, it became my number 1 focus.

But still was wondering how I can provide sports career resource, the answer was PODCASTS.​ During the summer of 2016, I set up Education2Sport Limited &

Education2Sport.Com (Now, it was the BIGGEST investment that £15 domain because it was real setting a business with NO idea how to make it a reality, except believing to my vision & problem I want to solve.

For a couple of months I was self-educating about business in general and speaking to close family friends about business, like Chris Wright a family friend I have admired for many years and I look up too as a mentor.

But during that time I was figuring out how I could provide sports career guidance to students. Until one day, I said to my mother, "I need some inspiration in my life". (No joke, those words have influenced my life, to where I am today!)

Then I randomly went on iTunes and came across the Podcasts Section.​ Well Six hours later! I listened to 8 podcast episodes, one of the shows was the EOfire podcast, the host is John Lee Dumas, where he interviews entrepreneurs 7 days a week!

My first EVER podcast episode was John Lee Dumas interviewing Lewis Howes about his first book the 'School of Greatness'.​ What I discovered during those six hours, I was experiencing to 'Take Action' by going to the special guest websites by downloading the FREE self-develop resources; Ebooks, Courses, and Webinars.​ After that Podcast experience, with NO hesitation, and No broadcasting qualifications, I decided that I wanted to be a Podcaster. Once I started… At first, I thought this idea was crazy and impossible, but when I started to contact potential special guests about the idea, they responded 90% of the time with a YES!

Reflection Story

I have goosebumps writing this section because I remember recording my first three episodes with Dr. Martin Roderick my lecture from Durham University, Gregg Davies my Headmaster at Shiplake College & John Amaechi OBE (Who I made a cup of Tea at Benchmark International), who then become my first mentor! After recording those three interviews, I went to Chris Wright and we listened to John's Podcast, I had no idea if this podcast was good and afterwards he smiled and said this is great BUT you will need to do one a week with this quality! I looked at him and scratched my head, how am I going to do that! But to this day, it was the BEST advice some gave me to challenge myself.

My Podcast Goal ​

My goal is to provide as much value as possible with authentic sports career guidance, to hopefully gain followers and fans, so they can 'Take Action' of their career ambitions in the sports industry, so it can be a reality.​ The Sports Industry Access Podcast (Now, The Sports Career Podcast) launched on 18th May 2016, and with patience, persistence, consistency and passion, the show has reached over 70+ countries around the world.​

7 Years Later....

I was true to my word with Chris Wright, I delivered a weekly show from January-November, I take December off because nobody wants to listen to me or a special guest on Christmas day!!

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Also during those 7 years I have

Moderated on Sports Industry Events like:
The Athens Women Football Summit and SIGA Sports Integrity Week.

Hosted Sports Industry Events like:

Lewes FC Board of Directors Elections and Sports Law Conferences too!

I Conducted University Sports Career Workshops such as at:
2. Durham University
3. University of Gloucestershire
4. Worcester University
5. Global Institute of Sports Business
6. The Hague University & Many more.

Collaborations providing Digital Marketing Services:

The last two years I have worked with Sports Industry Professionals & Athletes helping them build a brand with content creation & monetising their expertise online.

Finally, Sports Career Mentoring:

After now interviewing over 300 Sports Industry professional over the last 5 years, I have mentored Students, Graduates and Professionals who wanted to transition into the Sports Industry, so their Sports Career Ambition is a reality!

For more information about my Sports Career Mentoring please email me here:

The Next Step at Sports Career Media True Purpose....

Now I will be honest, back in 2016 a newbie to business, was the first thing that came to my head, but I new with experience and lot of mistakes along the way, I would come up with a business name, simple to remember.

So this year, will be SportsCareerGroup.Com

Sports Career Development Purpose:

Is to be the HOME PLACE for accessible Sports Career Development Education to help people:
1. Start a career in Sports
2. Pursue a Career in Sports
3. Earn a Living in the Sports Industry with Passion & Fulfilment
4. Develop Professionals & Leaders in the Sports Industry

A place where you can receive portable, accessible and current Sports Career Support. With NO boundaries ​to access, all you need is internet!

When I started my Sports Career Journey, their was no resource like this or The Sports Career Podcast. With no EXCUSES, you have the ACCESS to discover your sports career path, where you can apply your education, personal skills and enthusiasm to add value to the sports industry moving forward.


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