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The Sports Career Blog/Athlete Development

Athlete Development

How to make your sports career dream a reality?

How to Develop your Resilience in Sports & Life?

How to create a competitive edge with a Brand & Athlete Partnership?

Andrew Stallings

How to improve your mindset when pursuing a career in the sports industry?

David Karasek

How can ‘Storytelling’ support athletes on & off the Sports Field?

Ines Alves Caetano

How can sport teach us life lessons?

Aline Silva Luta

Which High-Performance Principles from Sports can be applied in a Business Environment?

Ben Gollings

Why is career planning important for professional footballers?

Lindi Ngwenya

How can self-discipline enhance your mindset & body in sports & day-to-day life?

Mandy Marquardt

Why do professional footballers need ‘mentorship’ during their career?

Janis Vagias

What is the reality of pursuing a career as a Professional Women Football Player?

Yael Averbuch West

What are the benefits of having a mentor when pursuing a career as a Professional Footballer?

Jason Lampkin

What skill sets do you need to pursue a career in the insurance sector of the sports industry?

Jim Rainford

How important is ‘Safe Guarding’ athletes in the sports industry?

Spencer Hidge

How can Student Athletes make the ‘right choices’ relating to alcohol & drug abuse?

Ethan Fisher