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Football Industry

5 Qualities To Make A Career As A Professional Footballer

5 Qualities To Make A Career As A Professional Footballer With A Vision, Inner Drive, Work Ethic, Confidence & Having Fun!

How to create trail opportunities in Professional Football?

Beryly Lubala

How to improve your leadership skills in the Football Industry?

Tatjana Haenni

How can Leadership improve Equality in the Football Industry?

What’s the lifestyle working in a legal team at a Football Club?

How can Hard Work & Patience create Employment Opportunities in the Football Industry?

Patrick Cannon

How to start a career in Women's Football & the Entertainment Industry?

John Paul Reynal

What does it take to pursue a career in Sports Business?

Çiğdem Türkân 

How to be resilient when starting a career in the Sports Industry?

Diaa Salah

How to support Professional Footballers after Football?

Amer Osmanagic

How to use your voice to make a positive difference in the Football Industry?

Emma Clarke

How can curiosity support you in the Football Industry?

Lucy Mills

How can ‘Self-Awareness’ & ‘Self-Assessment’ Improve a Football Coach?

Mariusz Rumak

How can Football improve ‘Human Rights’ on and off the Football Pitch?

Khalida Popal

The benefits of having a fun mindset when working in the sports industry?

Noel Flannery