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The Sports Career Blog/Football Industry/5 Qualities To Make A Career As A Professional Footballer
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5 Qualities To Make A Career As A Professional Footballer

5 Qualities To Make A Career As A Professional Footballer With A Vision, Inner Drive, Work Ethic, Confidence & Having Fun!

The journey to becoming a professional footballer is challenging and requires perseverance. Being a well-rounded individual with these qualities can significantly improve your chances of fulfilling your dream.

The Five Essential Qualities for a Successful Football Career

As the host of the Sports Career Podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting a football masterclass with five professional football players.

The focus of our discussion was on the five qualities needed to have a successful career as a professional footballer.

These qualities are having a vision, inner drive, a solid work ethic, confidence, and most importantly, having fun.

The Joy of the Game: Insights from Yael Averbuch

Our first guest, Yael Averbuch, former professional football player and GM at Gotham FC, shared his passion for the game.

For Yael , football is not just a career, but a lifestyle. He schedules other aspects of his life around football, demonstrating his dedication and commitment to the sport.

Yael also shared valuable lessons from his entrepreneurial journey as the founder of Techne Football. She emphasized how these lessons have been instrumental in shaping his Football Career.

Persistence and Mindset: Laura Vetterlein's Key to Success

Laura Vetterlein, a former professional footballer and assistant trainer at Wolfsburg Football Club, highlighted the importance of persistence and a strong mindset.

According to Laura, these are crucial elements in becoming a professional footballer. She also stressed the importance of enjoying the game and finding ways to stay motivated during challenging times.

Vision and Enjoyment: Julia Simic's Winning Formula

Julia Simic, a former professional footballer and now a sports broadcaster and football coach with the National Under 18 Germany team, spoke about the importance of having a clear vision.

For Julia, working towards this vision each day is a key part of his success.

She also emphasized the importance of enjoying football and how this enjoyment can significantly improve performance.

Sacrifice and Dedication: Ashleigh Plumptre Path to Professional Football

Ashleigh Promotre, a professional football player for the Nigerian national football team, discussed the sacrifices and dedication required to pursue a career as a footballer.

The Journey Continues: Insights from Carla Humphrey

Our conversation with Carla Humphrey, a professional football player, who played for Liverpool Football Club & Arsenal Football Club, reminds you why having fun is key to perform at your best!

In conclusion, a successful football career requires more than just talent. It requires vision, inner drive, a solid work ethic, confidence, and the ability to enjoy the game.

These insights from top football professionals provide a roadmap for aspiring footballers and offer valuable lessons for anyone looking to excel in their chosen field.

In this Podcast Masterclass you will learn:

  • Yael Averbuch- Former Pro Footballer, GM at Gotham FC & Founder of Techne Futbol shares that by having a clear vision and direction his key to making your career as a pro footballer a reality.
  • ​Laura Vetterlein-Former Pro Footballer & Assistant Trainer at VfL Wolfsburg Frauen shares having the right mindset and work ethic is vital than just football talent.
  • Julia Simic- Former Pro Footballer, Sports Broadcaster & Football Coach at DFB-Mädels shares the reality that you will have to make sacrifices with a inner drive to be a professional football which starts the day you commit to it!
  • Ashleigh Plumptre- Professional Football Player for the Nigeria National Team shares that Football will teach you to be more confident relating your personal development.
  • Carla Humphrey-Former Professional Footballer at Liverpool & Arsenal Football Clubs shares why to not forget to have fun and enjoy playing football because that is how you play at your best.

Resources & links mentioned in this episode:

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