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The Sports Career Blog/Football Industry/How can curiosity support you in the Football Industry?
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How can curiosity support you in the Football Industry?

Lucy Mills

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This weeks podcast special guest is Lucy Mills.

Lucy has a fascinating sports career journey.

She is currently the Project Manager at FC Barcelona Foundation, Board Member at Lewes FC and much more!

Lucy started her international journey in football and “football for good” in Ghana with the Right to Dream Academy.

Then lived in South Africa between 2008 – 2014, during which time I worked on the men's 2010 FIFA World Cup social legacy.

Currently based in Barcelona working at FC Barcelona Foundation where she manage holistic sport, health and education programs for children and youth who face systemic exclusion worldwide.

Click play and learn more about Lucy's awesome Football career journey!

In this episode you will learn:

  • ​How can curiosity support you in the Football Industry.
  • ​The benefits of Volunteering in the Sports Industry.
  • ​The qualities you need to work in the Football Sector.

Resources & links in this episode:

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Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 14 02 39 png

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